Pac-Man Party Royale Will Release on Apple Arcade Before the End of 2019

Last month when Apple Arcade Service was announced, it was confirmed by Bandai Namco that they are working on Pac-man Party Royale and they further promised that the game will launch alongside Apple Arcade itself. Which obviously did not happen.

However, the Japanse publisher has now confirmed that due to some technical problems the game had to be delayed, but Pac-Man Party Royale will be released on Apple Arcade before the end of this year.


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Now for the players unaware let you tell you that Pac-Man Party Royale is a battle royale take on the classic Pac-man game. In this game four players will compete against each other to see who is the best. However here is the twist - like any other battle royale game, Pac-Man Party Royale comes with a time limit, once the time is up, the playable area will shrink which will force players to get into intense action.