PUBG Mobile The Walking Dead Boardgame: Everything You Need To Know

Hello Soldiers, PUBG Mobile Season 9 Royale Pass has reached the middle and also the 0.15.0 version update will also be rolling out soon. If you remember, in one of our post, we told you about the collaboration of PUBG Mobile and The Walking Dead, which is a television series. The collaboration was announced earlier but the contents of the crossover have been made available in the game from 1st October 2019. PUBG Mobile x The Walking Dead crossover has been done to promote the latter's season 10 premiere.

What is The Walking Dead Boardgame?

The Walking Dead Boardgame is the result of PUBG Mobile x The Walking Dead crossover, this is a limited-time event in which you are supposed to complete various missions. By completing the missions, players will be rewarded with motorcycle skins, weapon skins, and various other in-game items. The daily missions of the event include daily login, in a specific mode killing a certain number of enemies, etc. and earn fuel. By using the fuel, you can choose vehicles and this is the process of progressing in the boardgame.


Every time you make some progress, a random event will be triggered and you can obtain the points and rewards of the corresponding amount. When you reach the finish line, the map will be refreshed and you will get some additional rewards.

You are advised to choose your vehicles carefully according to the map and also you should avoid the squares that deduct points. The rewards include Negan Skin, Michonne Skin, Daryl Dixon Skin, Rick Grimes Skin, Michonne's Katana, Negan's Bat 'Lucille' and Daryl's Motorcycle. By garnering 120 points, you can get the Daryl Dixon's Motorcycle worth 1500 UC permanently.

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