Call Of Duty Mobile Game will Support Controllers In Future

Call of Duty Mobile has just been globally released and players have gone absolutely crazy over it. The game has topped the charts of almost every country and is trending widely. And today in this post we bring you another important news about Call of Duty Mobile.


As the title of this post says, yes it has been confirmed that Call of Duty Mobile will support Controllers in the near future both on Android and iOS. ( Call of Duty Mobile used to support Controllers in the beta version, however at the time of release it has been removed from the game, the reason for it is still unclear)

With the latest iOS 13 update, we all know that it brought PS4 and Xbox One standard controllers support on iPhone and iPad, well Call of Duty Mobile Supporting controllers isn't a bad news because it's always been tough to use multiple fingers for a fast-paced game, right? Controller support in Call of Duty Mobile will allow the players to play the game with an easier configuration option.

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