MythWars & Puzzles - RPG Match 3 Game Review: Amusing Game With Splendid Graphics

MythWars & Puzzles: RPG Match 3 developed by Karma Game is a match-puzzle game in which you have to change the fate of the world by defeating monsters. You will be playing as mighty God who was hired by the good to put the end on demons. It is amazingly made with the mix of mystery and classic puzzle where you have to defeat monsters by solving the classic three-match puzzle. It's fun and simple where you make your army and lead it. It runs in online mode and has in-app purchase. It is available for Android devices. Let’s find more about this interesting Puzzle RPG in this game review


The game objective is simple. The world is overtaken by the evil gods and you have to defend the world. Create your army, recruit trainees and upgrade them in heroes. Match runes to defeat the monsters. Match four-five runes together to activate powerful energy which helps in defeating the monster’s boss easily and faster. There are a large number of monsters come whom you have to kill to get the victory. Choose your Lord Almighty name and avatar for the game. It’s not all about only classic puzzle but, side by side you have to construct buildings and your castle and keep on upgrading them, build a house to get an epic hero. Once building upgraded you will get plenty of iron bars which is used to construct buildings. To get more trainees you have to build trainee grounds where you can train them and build a strong defense system to fight against the bad. To make our heroes more strong you have to keep leveling up them so that they would stand stronger in the face of evil.

There are plenty of loots which you get by defeating the enemies, you will also get lots of trainees which could be turned into heroes later on. There are lots of magical powers that could be used against the dark. You can also equip thousand of heroes and gods in the game which I personally find very interesting.

The game graphics are splendid. The story revolves around some beautiful scenes. The game moves smoothly without any problem and there is no problem of controls as, all you have to do is tap and swipe, nothing more than that. The story moves beautifully with some tempting scenes and characters which are beautifully designed.

Overall, the game is interesting to play. It’s blending of the classic puzzle with God's war story is enticing. But sometimes the game moves slow and need a really good connection to run it in mobile devices. It also drains a lot of energy and the device gets heated pretty fast. Otherwise, it is a good play with lots of loots and lots of features which a good game needs. You can download it from Google Playstore.