Top 5 Underrated Fantasy RPG Games on Mobile

One can never go wrong with an RPG. Role-playing games are the best way to escape your daily burdens to a whole another dimension of magic where you prim your champions to be better your opponents as well as save the world. They are enticing with rivetting visuals and audio tracks that will make you feel disconnected from your problems.


Legacy of Discord

GTarcade is known for its fantasy RPGs of dynamic character design, colorful UI, and engaging combat. Legacy of Discord is all that and more. With its large-scale battlegrounds and PvP experience, you can raid dungeons and destroy the wide array of bosses available in the game. Each boss even has a small cinematic cutscene.

A new dimension in the gameplay allows the players to play as ancient Greek Gods as well as have Aerial Battles where your character can fly and fight demons of different tiers and sizes. You're able to form big guilds and earn rewards by leveling up along with endless customization and progression.

Legacy of Discord is available to download from the Google Play and iOS App Store.

Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises is an innovative RPG that incorporates gorgeous graphics, immersive gameplay, intense boss fights, and deep narrative. Your goal is to level up your character and rid the world of darkness. Right at the start of the game, you're pushed in cinematic cutscenes, which portray you as the salvation of the people.

Recently the game added two more characters that you can play as - Witch and Archer. You can play with a total of 6 characters, and each time you log in, you get an option to choose. This means you can grind as each character to legendary status at the same time. Form guilds and raid dungeons.

Darkness Rises is available to download from the Google Play and iOS App Store.

Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert is critically acclaimed and gives a true open-world experience to mobile players. The game is brimming with high-fidelity graphics and breathtaking action. Black Desert Mobile offers to choose from a total of 5 classes with dynamic skills. It is fast-paced, with unparalleled combat.

Customize everything you want, tailor everything to your desire. The game allows you to be your true self. A bunch of unique content like fishing, taming along with a camp to manage and expand. You get loyal pets to keep you company and watch your back. Black Desert Mobile is a completely unique RPG in terms of graphics and game design.

Black Desert Mobile is available to download from the Google Play and iOS App Store.

Age of Magic

Age of Magic is a turn-based fantasy RPG game with a selection of unique characters never created before and a fantastic world full of mages, knights, and dragons. This is the best game to get your fix for heroism, war, treachery, and some wizardry.

Collect and level up your heroes and have everyone look up to you like the legend of the whole entire realm. You get to choose from dozens of characters and bring the world out of the dark void.

Age of Magic is available to download from the Google Play and iOS App Store.


Another turn-based RPG, in Questland, battle hundreds of mighty monsters and embark on epic quests. Customize and transform your character, compete in guilds, and defeat evil. Leveling up is a true treat in this game, never dull.

There is deep character customization with hundreds of looks to choose from - be completely unique. Questland has an amazing underlying storyline and intense PvE dungeons. Join a guild and become friends with fellow warriors and participate in weekly live events to get legendary loot as rewards.

Questland is available to download from the Google Play and iOS App Store.

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