PUBG Mobile Season 9 Royale Pass: Everything You Need to Know

Hello PUBG Mobile Lovers, as you might be aware that Tencent has released the PUBG Mobile Season 9 recently as mentioned in the official patch it is all about the path of warriors. Season 9 will bring a lot of emotes, Skins, Cosmetics and a lot of other things. In this post, we are going to about the changes made in Season 9 and the things available in the Royale Pass.


Improvements Made in the New Season

New customized sharing page has been added by which you can share a tailor-made match statistics and summary of the result on the social media pages which you have linked with your PUBG Mobile account. The missions and the rankings page has been redesigned along with that a timer that shows a countdown of the forthcoming update has also been added.

In addition to the above-mentioned things, the players will be able to ask their friends for a pass until 7 days before the season launch. In the post-launch update, weekly mission crates reminders and the achievement chain progress are also available. Now you will also be able to dismantle the emotes and the real-time ping will also be displayed on the screen while the matchmaking process.

PUBG Mobile Season 9 Royale Pass

Free Season 9 Royale Pass: There are not much of things available for the players who do not choose purchase the Royale Pass of Season 9. Apart from the small amounts of BP and Silver fragments the new items in the free Royale Pass include Sherrif Coat, Sherrif Pants, a new emote of ‘have a drink’ and a VSS gun skin.

Purchased Season 9 Royale Pass: There are a lot of new things in the game, who do not mind to buy the Royale Pass using UC for a better experience in the game. There are a lot of gun skins, emotes, costumes, parachute trail and a lot more exchange of UC (the in-game currency which costs a minimum of 1.3 INR per unit.)

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