Ninja Prime: Tap Quest Has Been Globally Released

Just a couple of days we informed you that an upcoming game by Iron Horse Games LLC is going to be released soon and it titled 'Ninja Prime: Tap Quest', well the wait is over as the game has been officially released on Apple Appstore and should also be out on Google Plasytore very soon.


Ninja Prime: Tap Quest is an upcoming RPG game where you discover galaxies with unique game-altering mechanics and set on an adventure to reclaim planets and collect resources along the way as you quest and upgrade a new tap ninja skills.

In Ninja Prime: Tap Quest you have to battle against the Space Mercs, Culy Ninja and Technocrate Alliance, make sure to select the best skill for each quest, or the game won't go smoothly for you. Also, keep in mind to collect resources and unlock new tap abilities and multiply your power.

Ninja Prime: Tap Quest is a unique genre fusion in which you have the choice to play as much or as little as you like because your Ninjs keeps on completing quests without you. You just need to return in the game to tap and collect the loot and riches your hero collected while you were away.

This brand new game of Horse Games LLC, Ninja Prime: Tap Quest has just been globally released for the iOS users on the Apple Appstore and should be out for android users on Google Playstore very soon.