Ria: An Adventure Game by Createlex's is Releasing on 25th October

Hello Mobile Gamers, Createlex's is ready with it's a brand new game 'Ria' which is an amazing open-world adventure game which is scheduled to be released on 25th October on both iOS and Android devices. Ria is the main character in this game who is the son of God and came down to earth to safeguard the human race from the dark and evil creature's. Have a look of the Ria game trailer below.

Ria is a mobile Role Playing Game (RPG), in which you have to put an end to enemies plans and take down their bosses. It has an XP system and you have to collect various material from around the world and gain tons of loot by which you can upgrade your weapons, armor and other things. You can master this game by unlocking various combat abilities and by learning multiple fighting styles.

In Ria, you will also face strong and challenging bosses which you have to defeat by your skills and abilities. By defeating the bosses you will be rewarded with powerful new weapons. Ria is set to release on 25th October 2019 on both Android and iOS devices, we will try to keep you updated with the latest information about the game. In the meantime, you can visit the official website of the developers.

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