Lineage 2M Pre-Registrations Has Been Started by NCSOFT Corporation

Hello Mobile Gamers, NCSOFT Corporation has started taking pre-registrations for its new mobile Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) "Lineage 2M". Not to get confused with Lineage II which is already available for mobile devices, which offers to the players a massive and seamless open world, but Lineage 2M is also expected to be of great hit just like it. Lineage 2M is the direct sequel of the PC version which was released back in 2018, have a look of the Lineage 2M game trailer below.


The PC version of the game was meant to become the largest open-world game ever to exist, with over 100miliion square meters to explore freely at your own will. Lineage 2M also follows the same suit which we have already seen in the NCSoft's franchise like the players will get to experience a playing space where he will have to fight against a lot of enemies. And at the same time, the players will get to interact with the other users being able to build alliances.

In Lineage 2M you can even customize your character through a lot of options available right there, and also your character will evolve as you gain experience in battles. There is no specific Lineage 2M release date is known to us, but it is expected to get released in late 2019. Pre-Register for Lineage 2M from the link given below, so as soon as the game will be available to download and play, you will get a notification

Click here to Pre-Register for Lineage 2M

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