Clash Royale August Balance Changes Update

Hello Clash Royale Fam, probably you already know this but still let us tell you one more time. That New Balance changes are almost here in Clash Royale. The balancing update will take place on Today, 5th August 2019 and it will bring changes to 6 cards. Let's Find out in detail:


Clash Royale August Balance Change Update Patch Notes:

  • Fisherman: Anchor Range Increased 6.5 -> 7, Hitpoints +10%
  • Magic Archer: Damage +16%, Hit Speed 1.0s -> 1.1s
  • P.E.K.K.A: Hitpoints -9.5%, Melee Range increased (Short -> Long)
  • Lumberjack: Hit Speed reduced 0.7 -> 0.8
  • Valkyrie: Melee Range 1.9 > 1.2
  • Barbarian Barrel: Damage -15%

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