Monument Valley 3 is Now available for Pre-Registration on TapTap

ustwo games have officially announced that they have started working on their upcoming project, which is none other than Monument Valley 3.


However other than this, not even a single information has been shared by the developers about Monument Valley 3.

For the players unaware, let us tell you that Monument Valley is a Puzzle game bending your perspective in order to navigate a small character around the levels.

And we believe that Monument Valley 3 will be based on similar fundamentals.

Monument Valley 3 is now available to Pre-Register on TapTap, You can Pre-register for the game by Clicking here. Talking about the release date of Monument Valley 3, no commitment has been made by the company. However, if we ere to take a guess, we will say that you can play the game on your devices by the end of 2020.