Spiral Warrior By Electronic Soul - Game Review

Spiral Warrior is an anime-themed role-playing game by Electronic Soul. A treat for all Beyblade lovers out there! Playing with Beyblades and saying out "LET IT RIP" were the most cherishing moments in a 90s kid's life. The game offers a rewind on thrills and chills of playing and battling it out with tops.


The game was released on 20th July 2020. Frankly speaking, the game has not got the hype it needs and, I don't know why? Most of the gaming news media have not spoken much about this. Gladly, MobileModeGaming is bringing that to an end, folks!

About The Game:

The player chooses their avatar and enters the respective quest. The exciting thing about the game is tops and their combination of parts that can be made to make it powerful. A three-part structure combines to form the top: Battle Cap, Weight Rings, and Drivers. There are about 100 parts the game offers, each configuration producing different strategies in tops.

Auto-configuration can be done to combine the parts with the best numerical value, but reasonable combinations prove to be more powerful in some cases. This adds up the taste and provides value to the game. Music and avatar vocals during gameplay increase the game's spirit and bring back "LET IT RIP" in your mind.

HP and RPM is the main factor that gets your top going. The structure destroys when HP hits 0. You also lose when RPM falls to 0 and stops spinning. Launch the tops to the outer circle to increase the attack. Tops with more weight show a decrease in spinning rate, all real physics in action.

Participate in a super championship that opens up after initial combats. Test each parts' skill in the top and ravish your enemies in online to become the world champion! Also, play 81 player survival mode if you urge 1vs1vs1 battles. That's all about this fun-loader.

Spiral Warrior is available to download on the Google Play Store. That's it for the post! Stay tuned with MobileModeGaming for the latest mobile gaming news & updates.