'James Bonk' Is The Newest Fun Casual Game In The Market

James Bonk - Licence to Bounce is a brand new casual fun mobile game which is available both for Android and iOS users. The game is developed by Snakesoft and it looks pretty decent.

The gameplay of James Bonk Mobile game is pretty simple and your ultimate goal in the game is to help James Bonk (The Blue Head) to reach the portal. However, it might seem easy but it's not. You have limited moves and as you progress in the game you will get a lot of obstacles to go through to reach the portal.


Overall James Bonk is a pretty good one-time game, the controls are simple and the game is great for casual mobile players. However the number of levels are still very limited, thus you might finish the game within some time if the developers don't plan to add any more levels soon.

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James Bonk - Licence to Bounce is free to download till 15th July 2019, after that you might have to pay 1 USD to play the game. So Go Try it out, the game is available both on Apple App store and Google Play Store.