14.7 Beach Party: Garena Free Fire New Event

Hello Free Fire players, Garena Free Fire has introduced a new event in the game named as "14.7 Beach Party". In this post we are going to tell you about the new features of the Garena Free Fire Beach Party Event.

1. Beach Boy Set: As you roam around in the battlefield, you will get to see huge coconuts lying on the ground, you can collect Straw Hats from them. So you need to hit the huge coconut several times with any melee weapon to break it. After breaking the coconut, two straw hats will appear on the ground, you need to collect them and use them to redeem the rewards.


You can redeem Beachwear Bundle (Male) and crystal Soul Backpack using the swimming rings and straw hats. Also today you will get 10 swimming rings as a login reward, as earlier it was only 5.

2. Beach girl Set: Today you can also collect the Beach Lover bundle from the Login Rewards absolutely for free.

3. Coconut token: Third bundle you can collect using coconut tokens. You can collect the coconuts tokens by playing different game modes. You can claim 25 coconut tokens daily and for collecting a bundle you need 80 Coconut tokens.


4. Royale and Incubator discounts + 2x Chance of getting Grand Prizes: You will get 50% discount in both, Incubator and Gold Royale, 33 % discount in Diamond Royale and 27 % discount in Weapon Royale. One more thing to note is that today the chances of getting rare items has been increased by 100%.

5. 3 New Game Modes: With this new event in the game, 3 new game modes have been added:
(i) Explosive Jump
(ii) Rampage
(iii) Brick Swingers
All of the three modes are available in the Bermuda map.

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