‘Farm Punks’ Is A Brand New Game By the Developer of ‘Alto’s Adventure’

Farm Punks is an upcoming game of Noodlecake Studios, who has already given us some of the most popular mobile games, such as Golf Blitz, Alto’s Adventure, etc. The concept of Farm Punks is something new, You pluck a fruit from a tree and then shoot it out of a cannon in the direction of the closest food market. The further you can take down your fruit, the more amount of money you will get by selling it.


A little weird concept but it’s super cool when you play. In the game, you control the tumbling fruit, by swiping left and right and jumping. You will find jump pads and boosts on your way, make sure to use them to make your journey a little easier.

Farm Punks is now available to download in certain regions for the Android user via Google Playstore. And it’s available to Pre-order on Apple Appstore The Android version of Farm Punks is currently in Beta, The game is expected to globally launch both for Android and iOS users on 25th July 2019.