Here is How you Can Pre-Register for Tetris Royale!

Hello Arcade game lovers, as we told you in one of our recent posts that 'Tetris Royale' which is a 100 player Battle Royale version of the classic block-dropping game is coming soon to your mobile devices. And it is being developed as a partnership between N3TWORK and Tetris Company.


So today in this post we have more good news for Tetris lovers, Finally, the Pre-Registration for Tetris Royale has just begun on TapTap and here is how you can Pre-Register.

  1. Click HERE to Pre-Register for Tetris Royale
  2. Choose Your Platform (Android/iOS) and Press 'Pre-Register' button.
  3. You will be asked to Login/Signup into Tap Tap to Confirm your Pre-Registrations.

That's it, now when the game will be released or even comes to the Beta Version you will be notified by TapTap. Talking about the Release Date, nothing officially has been said over it, however, according to us you can expect the game somewhere around this Christmas.