GAMELAND CO.'s "Myth of Sword" is Now Available to Download

Myth of Sword is a MMORPG Mobile game, developed by GAMELAND(HK) CO. Limited. In this game you will get to see various character, and as soon as you start collecting things and killing evil enemies, your character level will increase and you will become more powerful.


It has various gameplay option such as Clan battles in which you can team up with your friends and fight against the evil bosses, it also has a new system i.e, Love system where you can find your love and also hold special wedding for them, So you will not be alone anymore.

There are amazing costumes, wings (help you in fight), awesome Weapons with huge power during battle and beat boss, and much more which you will definitely gonna like, and if that's not it then there are many events in this game which you can play whole day. In this game you can also add up your stories and pictures with other players.

But in this game you have to pay to get stronger to kill the boss and that is the only negative point of the game as you have to spend real money on this game to be on top. There are lot of new things which are in development and will be introduced in the game.

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