Garena Free Fire is going to bring the Weapon Balance Update on 26th June

Hello Garena Free Fire players, As you all know Free Fire developers are going to bring a new update in the game Tomorrow (26th June, 2019). This new update will bring a lot of new features in the game which you can check by going through the link provided at the end of the article. But the one more thing to be added in the list id that the new update is going to be a Weapon Balance update. To balance the weapons the developers will make changes into the weapon's damage dealt, accuracy, recoil etc.


Here are the changes which will be made to balance the weapons:

1. VSS: Currently the VSS deals the damage of 27HP in one bullet shot. From the next update this will be increased from 27 to 29. So now the VSS will deal 29HP damage on every single bullet shot.

2. Kar98K: Currently the body damage of the Kar98K is lesser, now you need two or three bullets to kill an enemy by shooting at body. But from the next update the damage dealt by Kar98K on the body will get increased by 10%.

3. AN94: Currently the AN94 gun deals the damage of 37HP on every bullet shot. From the next update this will be increased from 37 to 38. So now the AN94 will deal 38HP damage on every single bullet shot. Also the recoil recovery time will be decreased by 100%.

4. M14: The players are currently disappointed with the rate of fire of M14 gun. So in the next update the developers are going to increase its rate of fire by 10%.

5. SKS: This gun will also get an increase in its rate of fire. The rate of fire of SKS will be increased by 5%.

6. XM8: The rate of accuracy of the XM8 gun will be increased by 5% which will help the players to defeat their enemy easily.

7. CG15: Earlier there was a lack of Grip attachment wit CG15 gun, but from the next update it will be no more. The Grip Attachment will be supported by this gun as well.

So these are the changes which the Garena Free Fire developers are going to make in the weapons to balance the weapons. After all everything depends upon your skills.

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