Download Harry Potter: Wizards Unite on iOS

Hello Mobile Gamers, as you must all be aware that Harry Potter: wizards united has been officially released in the United States & United Kingdom on 21st June 2019. Today in this post we will teach you guys how you can Download & play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite on iOS from anywhere around the world.

Here is How You Can Download & Play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite on iOS devices

1. Open App Store

2. Change your Country to either the United States or United Kingdom

3. Download Harry Potter: wizards Unite from App Store

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite iOS Version

4. Open the Game and enjoy playing.

Note: As Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is only available in the United States & United Kingdom, thus it is necessary to change the country to download the game. Also when you start the game for the first time it may take upto 5-10 Minutes for the game to load, as it is not properly optimized yet, thus just wait and do not close the game thinking it won't work. It will surely start but might take a long time.

Also if you are still facing any problems in Downloading & Playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, do let us know in the comments section below & one of our team members will try to reply to you at the earliest.