Best Loot Locations in Call of Duty Mobile

Hello Call of Duty Mobile Players, It has been now a few days since call of duty mobile beta version has been released and we are pretty sure you guys are enjoying both the Multiplayer as well as Battle Royale mode.


In Call of Duty Mobile being a completely new Mobile Battle Royale game, everyone is trying out new strategies, however no one can deny the fact that without good loot it's not easy to win the fight. So in this post we will help you out, by tell you the Best Loot Locations in Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Mode.

So we have divided the map into 3 different categories, the Red Square indicated the best loot, Yellow indicates decent loot and lastly white indicates low loot.

Also Among the red areas, Launch, Shipment & Nuclear plant are the best locations to get loads of loot in Call of Duty Mobile. So in your next Battle Royale match, you know now where to land. However as you can say these are the Hot Drop points in Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Mode, so just stay aware as you can expect a lot of enemies in these areas.