Download PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 Update Beta Version : All the features you need to know

PUBG Mobile rolled out the Season 7 and bring the 0.12.5 Update globally just a few days ago. And now the beta version of 0.13.0 Update is also available to play. There have been many new things have been added in the new update, but there is a possibility that these might not be released in the 0.13.0 Update's global version. The new update size will be almost around 2GB. Here is what new things have been added in the game through new update:


1. Godzilla Event

Image result for Pubg Mobile Godzilla event

PUBG Mobile recently did collaboration with Godzilla: King of Monsters movie, and the signs of collaboration can be seen in the game through paintings made on the walls and the T-Shirts players are getting to wear. In the new update there will be a new loading screen, new avtars and new avtar frames with the Godzilla theme. There is also a special Easter egg available, by which you can actually see the Godzilla lurking around the water and the big footprints of Godzilla can also be noticed around the Erangel map.

2. Team Deathmatch Mode

Image result for pubg mobile team deathmatch

A new mode has been added in the game named "Team Deathmatch". It is a 4v4 mode. In which 2 teams fight against the other, each team consists of 4 players. This is 9-10 minutes mode with unlimited respawn, team with the highest number of kills at the end wins. Team Deathmatch can be played in both TPP and FPP mode. The map available to be played in the Team Deathmatch Mode is named as "Warehouse".

3. New Gun "Bizon"

Image result for pubg mobile Bizon gun

AfteA the new Gun "Skorpion" which was added in the 0.12.5 update, PUBG Mobile is here with another new Gun named "Bizon". It's a SMG gun which uses the 9mm ammo. It is a Russian Submachine gun which is already available in PUBG PC. But there is a possibility that it would only be restricted to Erangel and Vikendi map.

4. Kar98 Lab Skin

The Terror Fang Kar98 has been made available in the Lab with up to 7 research which you can be achieve by gathering paint and materials from crates and rewards. This will be the 5th gun available in the Lab.

5. Vikendi Map

The Vkendi map has finally been removed from the beta which means now there will be less glitches and bugs in the map and now it is fully downloadable in 0.13.0 update. A new secret cave has also been unlocked in the map, where the finest loot of the map can be found i.e. level 3 loot, rare guns like AWM, AUG, Machine gun etc. can also be found here. Now the footprints and other tracks of the enemies will also be shown on the snow to find the way to the enemy. It is gonna be too much fun in this map.

6. A new emote have been added for MVP. And also two new male voice modes has been added into the game other than the Default and Classic. These two have been names as "Victor" and "Sunny".

These are the major things which the new 0.13.0 update will bring into the game. So download the beta version of 0.13.0 update and experience these changes yourself.

Stay tuned for the latest PUBG Mobile updates!