New Update 1.1.16 in PUBG Mobile Lightspeed Version to Game for Peace

The official lightspeed version of the PlayerUnknown's Battleground Mobile get a huge update 1.1.16. The game is known as, "Game For Peace or Peace Elite". The micro-transactions of PUBG Mobile were banned in China for a long time because of that the developers were not being able to monetize the game in their home country in certain fields due to official rules and regulations imposed on the game.


PUBG Mobile lighspeed version 0.14.5 gets changed into 1.1.16, which brings new costumes and other cosmetics, a new spawn island with helicopters, new deathmatch mode and many more new surprises.

Changes in the game includes:-
- New Waiting Island with Jets
- New Aeroplane
- New Shop with no Cringy Outfits yet
- New TDM Mode (4v4 with Ragdoll)
- New Top 1 end screen with a Chopper
- Graffiti/Stickers
- New Skins and Outfits with BP and Silver Coins
- Other minor changes.

Game For Peace

PUBG Mobile has set many records in past few years after its release. It is a critically acclaimed Battle Royale Videogame with a worldwide player base. But as the youth is getting addicted to this game its receiving backlash from many countries government officials. Countries like China, India, Dubai are prime examples, many local authorities have blocked/banned the game to stop the damage/loss of life due to the game.

PUBG mobile developers are working day and night to bring changes to the game. They are working out a safer version of PUBG mobile which has more restriction for binge playing.

Stay tuned for the latest PUBG Mobile updates!