One Punch Man: The Strongest Metal Knight Added To The Pool Between 1 to 7 September

One Punch Man (OPM) fans are in for a treat as a brand new character has now made his way over to One Punch Man: The Strongest. This new character lives among both the good and the evil. The new character that the creator has unveiled is the science maniac: Metal Knight. Better hurry as the Metal Knight is available only to recruit in the game from September 1 to 7, 2020. Though don't be disheartened as for a week, the fans are bound to have a great ride.


In case if you are not familiar with the game, Metal Knight is the builder of Hero Association's headquarters and has an almost fanatical interest in science. However, his paranoia provides him with a rather peculiar identity of Metal Knight. A city that was on the verge of getting obliterated by a meteorite was merely an opportunity to test his weapons. He also considers completely destroying the Monster Association, without batting an eye about the safety of hostages in the building.

Fans are curious about the abilities of this new addition to the game and hence here is the brief description of the ability and strengths that the Metal Knight possesses:

  1. Basic Attack: Micro Missile. Metal Knight's basic attack can burn the target, which will surprise you after you activate his Passive Skill.
  2. Ultimate Skill: Missile Launch. This skill will burn the main target, and beyond that, it will also inflict Injury on multiple enemies. Since Metal Knight can deal with a massive attack and grant AoE buff and debuff, he will greatly boost the damage of your one round style.
  3. Passive Skill: Mechanical Control. This skill will count the injured enemies and greatly increases the ATK of your team. It will also reduce the ATK of burned enemies.

Meanwhile, here's a look at some recommended team formation for Metal Knight along with other players:

Half damage core

  • Front row: Beast King (SPD 4), Carnage Kabuto (SPD 6), Sky King (SPD 5).
  • Back row: Child Emperor (SPD 1), Metal Knight (SPD 2), Golden Ball (SPD 3)
  • First, SPD 1 Child Emperor's action will grant the Berserk state to allies in the same row.
  • The Ultimate Skill of SPD 2 Metal Knight in Berserk state will attack massive enemies and inflict Injury on them.
  • Then Golden Ball in Berserk state will deal with the AoE damage. This shall be helpful with enemies' Injury debuff and Sky King's Extra Damage boost.
  • In between, Beast King will constantly follow-up attack on the injured enemies. Here we recommend the Knight set and Swordsman set. Additionally, Secondary stats: ATK, SPD.

Tool person for Injury

  • Front row: Metal Knight (SPD 1), Carnage Kabuto (SPD 6), Atomic Samurai (SPD 3). Back row: Child Emperor (SPD 2), Terrible Tornado (SPD 5), Golden Ball (SPD 4)
  • The SPD 1 Metal Knight in Berserk state will attack massive enemies and inflict Injury on them. 
  • The SPD 2 Child Emperor will grant the Berserk state to allies in the same row.
  • Then SPD 3 Atomic Samurai will shatter multiple enemies.
  • And SPD 4 Golden Ball in Berserk state will deal AoE damage and increase the shatter effect.
  • The injured enemies will greatly increase SPD 5 Terrible Tornado's Crit DMG.
  • Here we recommend the Monk set. Secondary stats: SPD, Effect Hit.

Fans should be excited to procure one of the greatest characters and should enjoy the game at it's most by getting the character in their team.

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