Free Fire Clash Squad All Ranks List

With OB22 update Free Fire Clash Squad has got Ranked Mode. Similar to the Battle Royale Ranked Mode, now players also try their best to climb up tier by tier in the CS Ranked Mode also. Every game you play in the Clash Squad Rank mode makes an impact on your tier. In this post, we are going to tell you all ranks of Free Fire Clash Squad Mode.


The ranks start from Bronze and go on till Grand-master. Every rank has 4 stars that you need to collect to move to the next rank. These stars can be collected by playing rank matches only. If you win a rank match, you get 1 star, and if you lose a rank match, 1 star gets deducted. So you have to win as much as possible to increase rank in Clash Squad.

Free Fire Clash Squad All Ranks/Tiers List

  1. Bronze ( Bronze I – Bronze II – Bronze III )
  2. Silver ( Silver I – Silver II – Silver III )
  3. Gold ( Gold I – Gold II – Gold III – Gold IV )
  4. Platinum ( Platinum I – Platinum II – Platinum III – Platinum IV )
  5. Diamond ( Diamond I – Diamond II – Diamond III – Diamond IV )
  6. Heroic
  7. Grand Master (Top 300 Heroic of Server gets Grandmaster tag)

Now you know how many ranks are there in the Clash Squad Rank Mode. As mentioned, you need 4 stars for each rank, so you can also count how many games you need to win to reach the Heroic/Grandmaster. Also, Free Fire has recently gotten the Clash Squad Ranked Season 2 on 29th July, so you have a lot of time to reach your target rank.

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