Free Fire Season 27 Elite Pass 'Sushi Menace' Is Up For Pre-Order

In our previous posts, we shared the rewards coming with the upcoming Season 27 Elite Pass. We also shared the release date of the pass that is 1st August 2020. We are happy to say that both the things (rewards and release date) are going to be true. Also, the developers have put the Season 27 Elite Pass for Pre-Order.


The Season EP has named as 'Sushi Menace', and like earlier passes, brings the exclusive male and female bundles. The male bundle is called 'Sashimi Slasher,' and the female bundle is called 'Ramen Slayer'. You can pre-order the Elite Pass for 999 diamonds and get 'Oni Mask' as the exclusive pre-order reward.

How To Pre-Order Season 27 Elite Pass

You can pre-order the Season 27 Elite Pass (EP) from the Store section of the game. As always, you get both the option to pre-order by either buying the Subscription of spending diamonds.

Follow the steps to pre-order Season 26 Elite Pass:

  • Open Free Fire App
  • Go To Store Section (available at the left side in the lobby)
  • Click on Sushi Menace banner (Under Normal tab)
  • Click on 999 Diamonds and confirm your purchase.
  • If you want to buy Subscription for pre-ordering every season's Elite Pass that costs $8.99/season, Go to 'Subscription'.
    – Click on 'Subscribe'
    – Confirm the purchase.

Free Fire Season 26 Elite Pass Pre-Order Rewards

As mentioned above, there are two methods of pre-ordering the Season 27 Elite Pass, either by Subscription or Spending Diamonds. There are different pre-order rewards for both methods.

Rewards Unlocked by Spending Diamonds

  • Unlock access to all Elite Pass Rewards – worth more than 10,000 Diamonds.
  • Unlock Elite Challenges to earn more badges.
  • Increase the daily gold limit by 100.
  • Display nickname in Glorious Red in the killfeed.
  • Get 50 badges and unlock 'Ramen Slayer Bundle' immediately.
  • Acquire tons of Elite Pass – exclusive rewards.

Rewards unlocked by buying the Subscription

  • Unlock each Elite Pass season as it launches!
  • Get each pre-order reward each season launch.
  • Unlock 50 badges immediately to start claiming rewards.
  • Unlock all Elite Rewards access and Elite Challenge each season.
  • Get all special Elite Pass exclusive rewards!

Both the options are open for you to pre-order the Season 27 Elite Pass. Using any method, you will get the 'Oni Mask' as the pre-order reward. Get ready for new items/rewards and a whole new gameplay experience coming with this new season EP on 1st august 2020.

If you can't wait until 1st August, you can see all the Free Fire Season 27 Elite Pass Items here.

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