Call of Duty Mobile: Minimum Smartphone Requirement

If you are are eagerly waiting for Call of Duty Mobile Game to Launch, Then I am very sure that you guys have Already Pre-Registered for Call of Duty Mobile on AppStore, Playstore or on the official website. Anyways with very sad heart we have to say that it seems like that players with low specification phones might not be able to play this Mobile Version of Call of Duty.


It was already sated by many eminent gaming personalities that with such impressive graphics of Call of Duty Mobile, this app won't be able to run smoothly on all mobile phones. At the very least in order to run this without any lag, a smartphone will require a minimum of Snapdragon 830 or higher.

Call of Duty Mobile
Image Source: Manual dos Games

What is the Call of Duty Mobile Minimum Smartphone Requirement?

Minimum of Snapdragon 830 or higher.
Minimum of 3 GB of RAM, however 4GB recommended for Smooth Running.

Furthermore, Call of Duty Mobile will Release on 1st April 2019 in China and it's global release can be excepted within the next 2 weeks of it's Chinese Beta release date.