Dungeon Crawler Merge Dungeon Arriving Late July

A new dungeon crawler is abound known as Merge Dungeon. ‘Nanoo Company Inc’ brings this RPG game with an expected release on July 27, 2020. Merge Dungeon comes in as the sequel to Merge Star, which was a goofier version of this new and improved sequel.


The gameplay mechanics are rather simple; you drag two items that are identically matching each other to create a higher-level item. As new items have random stats, compare with other items to strategically put them to use. As you dive down in your dungeon crawling quest, you’ll be able to grind for loot of varying stats. 

Besides this, you’ll have the ability to upgrade three heroes at your disposal: a Warrior, Hunter, and a Sorcerer. The game also features over 100 different items to utilize as well as a plethora of dungeon contents. 

Dig deeper, explore the dark dungeons, and defeat the monsters that stand in your way. This sequel also vastly differs from its predecessor in the art department as the design and direction are so unique and much darker to suit this new theme. The game features more detailed characters, and weapon designs aiding to this new aesthetic.

Merge Dungeon is expected to release on 27th July. You can find the game at the App Store as well as the Google Play store for pre-order. The game will be a free release and will contain in-app purchases in addition to in-game ads.

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