Railway Canyon - A Wild West puzzle game up for Pre-Order

A new low-poly style game ‘Railway Canyon’ by independent developer Tepes Ovidiu based in Transylvania, Romania. The game offers alleviated, pressure-free gameplay for a laid-back, soothing experience.  


This top-down train game set in the wild west, where you must evade a group of bandits attempting to steal your cargo. You must assemble and prevail the mess of the broken railway before the bandits arrive and hijack the cargo you are tasked with delivering.

The game features 32 uniquely built, hand-crafted levels, in the sprawling towns of the wild west with relaxing vibes. Oozing with visuals, its 3D environment, and artwork provide a Zen-like attitude. Thanks to the wonderful background music that calms the nerves. An orchestra of nature sounds along with the beautiful, warm color palette that goes easy on the eyes, aiding to the whole pleasing and calming experience.

Featuring simple controls using taps to rotate the tracks to assemble in the right orientation, this makes the game a perfect candidate for all ages to enjoy. The game supports Haptic Feedback and is optimized for all iOS devices running iOS 9 or above. Additionally, the game provides iOS users with a bunch of stickers to use with iMessage.

Railway Canyon promises no ads, no in-app purchases, for it is a premium purchase. Available for iOS, the game will be offered at $1.99USD. You can pre-order the game at the App Store, with an expected release on July 13th, 2020.