Warhammer: Odyssey Beta Version Announced To Arrive At Month's End

Warhammer: Odyssey was announced almost a year back. I personally still remember the time when I wrote my first article over this game. Since launch, nothing much has been disclosed about the game, but today, a significant announcement has arrived regarding the games' upcoming beta version.

But before that first thing first, Warhammer: Odyssey is an upcoming mobile MMORPG game development by Virtual Realms. The game will be arriving on both Android and iOS. It will be a free-to-play title set in the Old world timelines of the IP's canon, a time when people cower under the influence of Morrslieb the Chaos Moon and doomsayers roam the lands.


Now coming to the news, according to a Reddit post, the developers in the official discord server of the game have stated that Warhammer: Odyssey will be getting a beta version at the end of July.

We joined the Official Discord server of Warhammer: Odyssey, and indeed it turned out to be true. So yes, Warhammer: Odyssey is getting a beta version by the end of this month - YAY!. Now how can we get our hands on this upcoming beta? Well, with regards to that, no information has been revealed yet.


But going by the developers' statement, it is clear that they will soon follow up with more details about this upcoming Warhammer: Odyssey Beta version. We are sure that during that time, they will ask players to Sign-up for the beta.

As of now, you can Pre-Register for the game via its Official Website and just wait. You can also check out our other Gaming News Article to know what's going on around the mobile gaming industry.