PoE Mobile - How the Handheld Version Will Avoid Negative Trends

Path of Exile has proven to be a very popular title within its field. Hailed as a competitor for the ARPG throne against the likes of Diablo Immortal, the free-to-play effort from Grinding Gear Games looks to be on quite the role. In fact, it has been pretty much since launch, with plentiful content being released since its initial release. 

As far as the future goes, we know already that we are going to see a sequel in the form of Path of Exile 2. As well as new content coming the first game, we are also going to be able to bridge the gap before that release with the launch of Path of Exile mobile. This announcement will have been an exciting one for many, but the reveal didn't come without a mission statement from the game's developers. 


Typical Mobile Trends

There are many common traits that are evident in mobile gaming, regardless of how much of a variety of different kinds of games there is. Even though we see such a vast amount of games from different genres, you still see common features, predominantly surrounding microtransactions such as purchasing PoE currency and PoE Orbs”, that are present in these games. 

A lot of games have a free-to-play approach, which unfortunately is all too often marred by a play-to-win setback. This is something that has become associated with mobile gaming in certain areas of the mobile platform, but it isn't necessarily something that is going to affect a game like Path of Exile. 


How Grinding Gear Games Will Avoid This

One feature we could also mention that we may have missed ties into Grinding Gear Games' plan of action when it comes to the mobile rendition of Path of Exile. The developers have confirmed that the mobile game will be developed in-house, as opposed to being outsourced elsewhere for development. 


The devs have also confirmed that a number of things we see in the mobile market will not be included in PoE Mobile, which will be much to the delight of their fans. There will be no pay-to-win elements, and will avoid a lot of other trends such as notifications, video ads, and other undesirable additions that tend to interrupt gameplay. 

Grinding Gear Games clearly have a vision in which their game will be a mobile port to a smaller device, rather than a mobile adaptation that offers a far differing experience, something which could have happened should it have been outsourced. Fans should be able to expect something as close to the base game as possible, courtesy of the developers' approach. 

Future Plans

Until we learn more about the release of PoE mobile, there isn't much more we know about the title apart from what the developers have stated, which has been more about what it isn't going to include. Regardless, there is a lot to be looking forward to if you are a fan of PoE. 

Development of the handheld mobile versions of the game is ongoing. The expansions which tend to release quarterly are on track throughout the rest of the year. There were initially plans to reveal more information around the time of E3, but with this year's event being canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it will be interesting to see if the PoE mobile announced despite the current situation. There are also plans for the console team to be expanded, so if you do play the Path of Exile game on these platforms, then you can expect to see features to be developed quicker. All the while the game on mobile version continues to work on the feedback given to them at ExileCon. 

So if you are planning on checking out Path of Exile on mobile when it does release, then you should have plenty to look forward to. It may be on the down-low at the moment in terms of what news is being published about this rendition, but with the window of time where E3 was originally set to be coming up very soon, we could possibly see some more news on the project being announced sooner rather than later. 

Are you looking forward to the release of Path of Exile on mobile? Let us know in the comments section below!