PUBG Mobile Mysterious Jungle Mode: Tips & Tricks, Guide

As reported by us earlier, PUBG Mobile has got a brand new mode called ‘Mysterious Jungle.’ Get ready to enjoy the mysterious experience in the PUBG Mobile new Mysterious Jungle Mode.

As the match starts in this new mode, you get to see the unusual structure (totems) on the starting island, which is expected to be a sign of the tribe on Sanhok. The totems available in the game have different colors of mysterious jewels and have different effects.


There are a total of three colors of mysterious jewels that can be found all across the Sanhok map. If you invoke these totems, you can get mysterious effects and items depending on the colors of the jewels. Just go near the totem and click on the ‘Invoke’ button appearing on the screen.

1. Red Color Jewels:

Red-colored jewels symbolize power. If you invoke, it restores the durability of the player’s armor and gives mostly guns and ammo.

2. Green Color Jewels:

Green-colored jewels symbolize strategy. If you invoke, it restores the player’s energy and mostly gives scopes and throwables.

3. Yellow Color Jewels:

Yellow-colored jewels symbolize protection, if you invoke, it restores player’s health and mostly gives helmets, vests, healing items, etc.

If a totem has already been used, it looses its shining jewels for some time. Only totems with shining jewels can be invoked; if already invoked, wait for some time till it shines again.

The totems can also give flare guns with low probabilities. Two new items of the fame include Barrier Totems and Lost Trunk, both the items can also be obtained by invoking the totems. The Barrier totem can be used like other throwables and makes a wall-like cover wherever it drops. It is similar to snowballs introduced at the time of snow theme in the Erangel map. The Lost Tunks can be exchanged with various rewards available in the event tab.

The Mysterious Jungle Mode also offers Hot air Balloons to be used. You can find these Hot air balloons scattered all across the Sanhok map. To use the Hot air balloon, go near it and click on the ‘Control’ button. You can ride the balloon and scout the area. The control system of the Hit air balloons is similar to that of other vehicles in the game.

When you are in Hot Air Balloon, you can see the location of totems around the balloon on the mini-map with colors. You can also enjoy the view by using the zoom bar on the left side of the screen. Whenever you are done, you can take the Hot air balloon down. If you are impatient to take it down, you can even jump and parachute down.

The mysterious phenomenon of the new mode does not end here. As you are in the jungle, you can find jungle food/fruits scattered all over the map. To pick the food, go near it and click on the ‘Pick’ button appearing on the screen. From your backpack, you can eat them.

There are random mysterious effects of eating the food that takes place for a certain period of time. It includes the location of the airdrops shown on the map, the distance of sound is indicated on the mini-map, and you may also be energized. There is also a possibility that it might make you feel dizzy as well, so take caution.

If you don’t want to think anything and just want to have fun, you can try out the tribe dance at the new location near Bhan. You can have a fun tribe dance with your friends without any emote. Just go near the biggest statue and click on the ‘Dance’ button.

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