New AI System To Be Added In PUBG Mobile In The Next Update

PUBG Mobile new 0.19.0 update is coming close, and with that, there is another leak, which is the all New AI System, which will also be added in this update. If you ever played Call Of Duty, then you would already know about this system.


The Artificial Intelligence (AI) system means that your character in the game will automatically give callouts to your teammates thorough Artificial Intelligence. Whenever you kill enemies, reload any weapon, or gets knocked down, it will automatically give callouts to your teammates.

This system will be beneficial for you and your teammates, as now the necessary callouts will be automatically given to your teammates. For example, if you Knock Out any enemies, then it will say 'Enemy Down' through your chat, your teammates will know that you have Knocked Out enemies. Also, whenever you start shooting at enemies, then it will automatically say 'Enemy!'.

This system will be very beneficial in the Battle Royal Mode as you can concentrate more on the game than giving callouts to your teammates. Also, If you haven't used this type of system until now and cannot wait until the next update either, then you try it now by downloading and playing the PUBG Mobile Beta 0.19.0 Version.