Free Fire Is Giving Away 'M4A1- Ice Blue' Permanent Skin For Free

Free Fire has a lot of weapon skins that give an attractive look to your weapons. The standard method of getting gun skins in Free Fire is by spending real money. But if you are lucky enough, you might get them for free by opening crates. All the Free Fire player wants to get the Gun skins for free.


It seems like Free Fire has listened to the players and giving away the M4A1 'Ice Blue' skin for free. To get Free Fire M4A1 Ice Blue Skin For Free, you need to participate in the Free Fire's new event called 'Perm Gun Skin Check-In.' In this event, you need to log in 28 days into the Free Fire for permanent M4A1 Ice Blue skin.

The Perm Gun Skin Check-In period is live in the game from 2020-05-21 00:00:00 to 2020-06-22 03:59:59. It means you have 31 days to get the M4A1 Ice Blue Free Skin. In these 31 days, you need to at least login for 28 days in the game. On the 28th day, the M4A1- Ice Blue Skin will be your for the permanent duration.

In between the days, you will also be rewarded with M1014- Ice Blue, FAMAS- Ice Blue, and KAR98K- Ice Blue skin. But sadly, the duration of these skin will be 7 days only. Apart from that, for doing login, you get an item daily, including Fragments, Gold Coins, Vouchers, etc. Below is the complete list of items you are going to get throughout the event period.

Login 1 DayM4A1- Ice Blue Skin (24 Hours)Login 15 DaysGold Coins [x100]
Login 2 DaysMemory Fragment (Andrew) [x5]Login 16 DaysMemory Fragment (Maxim) [x5]
Login 3 DaysMemory Fragment (Olivia) [x5]Login 17 DaysMemory Fragment (Kia) [x5]
Login 4 DaysGold Royale VoucherLogin 18 DaysGold Royale Voucher
Login 5 DaysGold Coins [x100]Login 19 DaysGold Coins [x100]
Login 6 DaysMemory Fragment (Kelly) [x5] Login 20 DaysMemory Fragment (Paloma) [x5]
Login 7 DaysM1014- Ice Blue Skin (7 Days)Login 21 DaysKAR98K- Ice Blue skin (7 Days)
Login 8 DaysGold Coins [x100]Login 22 DaysMemory Fragment (Miguel) [x5]
Login 9 DaysMemory Fragment (Ford) [x5]Login 23 DaysGold Coins [x100]
Login 10 DaysMemory Fragment (Nikita) [x5]Login 24 DaysMemory Fragment (Caroline) [x5]
Login 11 DaysGold Royale VoucherLogin 25 DaysGold Royale Voucher
Login 12 DaysMemory Fragment (Misha) [x5]Login 26 DaysMemory Fragment (Hayato) [x5]
Login 13 DaysWeapon Royale VoucherLogin 27 DaysWeapon Royale Voucher
Login 14 DaysFAMAS- Ice Blue Skin (7 Days)Login 28 DaysM4A1- Ice Blue Skin (Permanent)

So login between 21 May to 21 June for 28 days and claim your permanent M4A1 Ice Blue Skin For Free In Free Fire, among other items.

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