Comedy Night Is A Comedy Show Game Available For Mobile Devices

Lighthouse Games Studio has officially launched its new mobile game 'Comedy Night' which is a virtual comedy show game. In this game, you can crack jokes or heckle comedians as they compete in a live stand-up comedy show against you.

As the real comedy show, you can also showcase your talent and face off against the other comedians in the game, and see how well you stand among the brutal audience members who can vote you off or the relentless smack talk from other performers.


In this game, you will perform in front of a live audience all alone, or you can also go against other performers in the game. You can sing in the singing rooms or rap in the rap battle sessions.

Also, if you don't want to perform, then you can simply sit as the audience and enjoy the show. During the time, you can also heckle the performers or even may encourage them for there act.

Players also have an option to create there own custom Avatar, so as to enhance their performance with their own styles and animations. So comedians, get ready for some fun!

Comedy Night is available to download on both Android and iOS devices from the Google Play Store and App Store, respectively.