Totally Reliable Delivery Service Has Just Launched Globally

Developed by We're Five Games and Published by tinyBuild Games - 'Totally Reliable Delivery Service' has just launched globally today on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android. The game features both local and online multiplayer, so get your friends along - strategize how you are going to deliver items quickly and on-time.


Totally Reliable Delivery Service has unpredictable, crazy physics, your character will walk normally but beware of getting hit by other objects because they will send you flying to the moon.

What I really like most about Totally Reliable Delivery Service is that it features a lot of customizable character options. You can create a unique character or maybe one that looks just like you.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service features many distracting obstacles and items. There are many vehicles on both land and water which you can play around with while the time is running.

What's? The best part about playing Totally Reliable Delivery Service on Mobile is that it is absolutely free to download while on consoles and switch it is priced around 14.99 USD. The mobile version does feature many in-app purchases, but you don't really have to buy them - the game is equally fun without them.

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In Short, Totally Reliable Delivery Service is super fun, and we will strongly recommend you to try out the game at least once on your mobile devices. You can download Totally Reliable Delivery Service via Google Playstore or Apple Appstore.