Dish Life: The Game is your very own stem cell lab for your mobile

Dish Life: The Game is a newly released title from developer Pocket Sized Hands where you get to experience the life of a stem cell researcher by managing the daily life of a laboratory and growing your very own stem cells. Come face to face with issues that stem cell scientists deal with daily; politics, social issues and staff problems are just a few of the types of dilemmas you’ll have to deal with in Dish Life.

Dish Life aims to educate and inform players of both the scientific processes of stem cell science as well as address the wider issues and misconceptions that are associated with stem cell research. This game is produced by the Reproductive Sociology Research Group (ReproSoc) and funded by Stem Cell Institute at the University of Cambridge. It looks very interactive and fun and educating at the same time with RPG like ingredients too.


dish life 2So basically you will get to live the life of a scientist, manage and run your own stem lab. You need to look after your stem cells and also feed them because they need a lot of care and sometimes you may require your colleagues support. You need to balance your life work life and personal life and decisions you make will affect your relationships. You even have to deal with various media controversies, bullying and various ethical challenges.

dish life 3You can even earn rewards as you complete various researches and create your own scientist. Now if you are a science geek and like experimenting stuff this might be the one for you so check it out on App Store and Play Store and on Steam as well.

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