Free Fire Collaborates with Gravity To Bring Ragnarok In-game Content

Garena, the face behind Free Fire, has just announced that they have collaborated with Gravity to offer Ragnarok content for Free Fire players. This partnership between Garena and Gravity will offer all the free fire worldwide players to access in-game content from Ragnarok, which is a massive multiple online RPG game.


Creating memorable Free Fire experiences is a priority. Introducing relevant content that our players enjoy – through this Ragnarok collaboration – does just that. Ragnarok is well loved by our communities across the world

Harold Teo
Free Fire Producer at Garena

Starting from 11th March 2020, Free Fire players from all across the world will be able to purchase (or receive for free in some instances!) and use classic favorites like Assasin Cross, Poring, and Mr. Smile Mask in-Game through events from 13th March 2020. Additionally, players can invite friends who have not logged on to Free Fire recently, and they will receive a Poring Hat on their return through the dedicated “Give your friends a Poring Hat!” event.