Call of Duty Mobile is Getting A New Multiplayer Map Called 'CAGE'

Early this year, the rumors of a new map arriving in call of duty were everywhere. But it's no more a rumor as Activision itself has confirmed in the latest community update posted on Reddit that the New Cage Map in Call of Duty Mobile is the next map which will be added into the game.


However, at the same time, Activision has also mentioned that as of now, there is no Exact date of release for this map. So nobody knows when exactly this New Cage Map will be added into the game. But going up the rumors, it shall be added into the game very soon. (At the end of Season 3 most probably)

The Cage Map in Call of Duty Mobile is based on urban terrain and made exclusively for the Multiplayer mode. This map is perfect for getting into the action as it forces players to go for close combat.

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Also, this map features a replica of Tencent's Headquater building, it will be interesting to see how it looks on the battleground.