Dungeon Faster is now available on App Store

Dungeon Faster is a roguelike card game from Indie game studios Old Oak Den. It was released last year for Android devices and now finally it got released for Apple devices too. The game is being consistently updated by the developers to keep it fresh with features like endless mode, new bosses and much more in the recent update.

Dungeon Faster is a hybrid of dungeon crawler, turn-based strategy and card game. You will be exploring various dungeons and collect the precious treasure but to do this you will have to defeat the dungeon master through a card battle. The cards can be improved and upgraded and these remain permanent so that the card will be more stronger the next time you use it.

Screenshot Image

There are various characters to explore and play as beautiful Paladyna or the sneaky Thiefo and each character will come with one special card and special ability. Also you will get to encounter some weird monsters like Wherewulf, Zombiebie and Skeletoon. The Dungeon is filled with items that can either help you or hurt you like bombs, a beer keg, health potion, etc.

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Dungeon Faster is now available for Apple devices so iOS users can head over to App Store and check out the game and it is available on Play Store as well.

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