Ylands Is A Sandbox Survival Now Available On All Platforms

Ylands is a sandbox survival game from Bohemia Interactive where it provides a lot of potentials for players to explore. Ylands was first dropped as a 0.15.1 for mobile users but now its final version is available for mobile devices and its desktop version is available on Steam and Microsoft Store too.


Since its a sandbox game you can basically create anything, there are a bunch of mini-games including RPG so you have something new every day to play. The visuals are really attractive its something that is truly applaudable. You can customize your character with a wide variety of options and you get to play this game with your friends also the game can be shared with desktop and mobile versions so you'll have access to a wide range of content.

Ylands is somewhat similar to Minecraft and it is made in Unity 3D Engine. Developer Bohemia Interactive is well known for its DayZ and the Arma series. The desktop version also comes with an editor tool so that players and creators can put their creativity to the game as well rather than just playing and exploring.

Check out Ylands on Play Store and iOS App Store as well as on Steam.

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