Lootland Is A Wave-Based Co-op Shooter Coming To Mobile Devices In 2020

Nitro Games, the developer behind Medals of War and Heroes of Warlands, is coming up with another multiplayer shooter ‘Lootland’. This game would be making its way to mobile devices sometime in 2020. This is a super-casual co-op multiplayer shooter game in which your aim is to waves of numerous monsters. It is basically a PvE focused shooter game.


By killing the monsters on the battlefield, you get a lot of lovely loot from their dead body, using them, you can upgrade your armors and weapons. The upgrades help you in tackling the Lootland’s trickier levels quickly. If you are a fan of the horde-style games, you are definitely going to like it.

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Lootland is scheduled at some time in 2020; a particular date has not been announced yet. It has also not been confirmed that on what platforms it will be made available. But by looking at the Nitro Games’ previous releases, it can be sais that it will release for both Android and iOS devices.

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