Garena Free Fire Team Deathmatch Mode: Complete Details

Hello Free Fire lovers, Garena has recently launched the OB19 update in Free Fire, which has brought a lot of new features in the game. An upcoming patch teaser has also been released by the developers, in which their future plans can be seen. One of them is going to be the new Team Deathmatch Mode. In this post, we are going to share with you the complete details about the Free Fire Team Deathmatch mode.


The Team Deathmatch Mode has not been released globally yet, but it has been available on the Free Fire Advanced Server, which is a MOD version of Free Fire, where you can try out the new features before they get globally released. In this mode, there are two teams consisting of 4 players each, face each other in a small area, and the first team to reach the target of 40 kills, win the match.

On the Advanced Server, it is full of glitches right now. You enter into the match, and there are different spawn areas for both the teams. But due to glitch, you cannot get out of the spawn area. Some YouTubers have shared a trick to get out of it that is, keep you player running towards going outside the spawn area, turn of your internet, after 5 seconds turn it on back, as soon as it reconnects, you will find yourself outside the spawn area, and be able to roam around the map, killing enemies.

As it is on the advanced server, due to ping issues, you might have to hit the enemies a lot; even after that, you can find yourself dead. But when it releases on global servers, you will not get to see any of these kinds of glitches and bugs. It is going to be fun playing Free Fire Team Deathmatch Mode. You can even try playing it by downloading the advance server from below.

Click here to Download Free Fire Advanced Server

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