Call of Duty Mobile Gets Into eSports With 'COD Mobile Creator Challenge'

We all knew that this would eventually happen, and we all were waiting for this. Call of Duty Mobile is finally beginning its eSports journey with the 'Call of Duty Mobile Creator Challenge' hosted by WSOE (World Showdown of eSports).


This is the first big Call of Duty Mobile eSports tournament, which will feature the top gaming influencers from US, Mexico, and Brazil fighting against one another for a Prize Pool of 30,000 USD.

This three-day event will follow a four-round-robin format and will feature Team Deathmatch and Domination modes. The event will begin with the draft on 15th December, and Competitive Matches will be held on 21st and 22nd December.

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What's More? The tournament will be live-streamed on the WSOE Twitch Channel as well as Youtube, allowing you to enjoy the battlefield sitting at your home while drinking a hot cup of coffee.