Save Real Turtles By Playing 'Sea Turtle Rescue'

Simberon is a Canadian-based indie developer studio that created Sea Turtle Rescue, of course, for entertainment like any other game. 


But here is what makes it more interesting. Simberon has collaborated with the Canadian Sea Turtle Network to save and protect the turtles. The amount of money you spend on this game through IAP's, some percentage of this goes as a charity to the foundation. So you will get to save the turtles virtually but also in real life too.

It's a puzzle where you have to connect hexagonal tiles in sequence so the eggs on those paths get hatched, and then the baby turtles will find their way through the beach into the ocean. It might sound all easy, but the puzzles get really hard as the game progresses, you might also need some tools like hammer, bombs, magnets to clear the path.

You can download Sea Turtle Rescue from iOS App Store and Google Play Store and help to save these beautiful creatures.

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