'She Sees Red' Has Been Released For Mobile Devices

Hello Mobile Gamers, in our earlier post, we told you about the release date of She Sees Red. Now, Rhinotales has released its slow-paced adventure game 'She Sees Red' for both Android and iOS devices. In this game, things go gradually, but you have to make quick decisions.


She Sees Red is based on FMV (Full Motion Video), where you have to choose one option out of two, and the story goes according to the option you selected. If you have watched Black Mirror Bandersnatch, then you can relate it. You are a detective who has to solve a murder case which has taken place in a nightclub.

There are many endings of the story, depending upon your choice. You can replay the game and explore the story in a new way, which leads to different outcomes. This is a serious game with stunning visuals and a deep narrative. You can download She Sees Red from Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

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