Video Games Are The Best Therapy For Tired Minds – 5 Games That Offer You Relief

A lot has been said and written about video games. Some have highlighted the positive aspects of playing video games. Others have focused on demonizing it. Well, everything has pros and cons. The same goes for video games.

When the masses talk about the benefits of playing games, most of the conversation revolves around how games help improve hand-eye coordination or aid in sharpening one’s memory. What a lot of people don’t realize is that video games are actually great for doing the opposite as well.


And that means calming down the tired mind rather than preparing it to work better! If you choose the right ones, video games can prove to be the best therapy for tired minds. Here are some games you can play when you drained from your hectic everyday life.

Sheep Stacking

The best games to calm your tired mind are ones that feature simplistic gameplay. Unlimited Gamez Mo delivers one such game.

Sheep Stacking is as simple as a game, as you can find. The game revolves around stacking sheep correctly over one another. All you need to do is tap the screen when a given sheep is positioned right above the bottom one on the ground.


This will ensure that the sheep lands on top of the bottom one. If it lands perfectly, you win. If it doesn’t, you lose. Just because the game is fairly straightforward doesn’t mean it is boring! In fact, you will soon find yourself fully immersed in the game.

Jelly Shift

Developed by SayGames, Jelly Shift is yet another casual game that is simple yet addictive. In this game, you are given control of a blob of jelly. Your job is to make sure that the jelly avoids all obstacles in the path. The moment it collides with any of the hurdles, you lose.

But, how can a blob of jelly avoid the hurdles that come its way? Simple! By changing its shape. You must gauge exactly how much shorter, or wider the jelly must be to pass through the obstacles.


The game is specifically made for smartphones since its gameplay is well-adapted for touch screen devices. All you have to do is either slide down your finger in the desired direction to make the jelly wider, shorter, taller, or thinner.

The game starts off with obstacles that are easy to adapt to. However, as levels increase, so does the difficulty of the game. Soon you will find more complicated hurdles at a higher frequency! You are likely to get too engrossed in the game. Engrossed enough to forget that you were tired, to begin with!


Not all video games are fast-paced. Not all video games require alertness and concentration. Some games are made to make you feel relaxed. Flow certainly serves this purpose.

In this online game, you start off as a tiny unnamed organism. All that you are is a mouth and a torso. You are required to swim around in a blue liquid and consume other organisms. When you do, your organism will begin to look like an actual being.

Sometimes you might eat something that will change your creature completely. Other times, your evolution will get accelerated due to a bonus treat.

That is not it. You don’t just get to eat other organisms and stay safe yourself. Instead, your organism might too find itself among other creatures that will be interested in nibbling bits off of you. Your job is to avoid them.

What makes this a great game for calming you down? It features great music and has a slow enough gameplay to be a soothing experience.

Flower Reaction

There is nothing more relaxing than playing aesthetically and visually pleasing games. If you love nature, you might like Flower Reaction. This game is all about igniting a chain reaction of blooming flowers.

Each level begins the same way. You will find an array of little flowers on your screen, bouncing away from the edge to another. Your cursor itself is a tiny flower too. Wherever you stop your cursor and click it, your flower will begin blooming in that spot.

Soon, you will find that your flower has sprouted to ten times its size for a brief period. Any little flowers that collide with your blooming flower will also begin blooming. Flowers that then touch the given blooming flower will do the same. Hence, a chain reaction begins.

The game revolves around creating the largest chain reaction of blooming flowers. You must ensure that you click your cursor at the right moment to do so.


Forget that you are a tired human for a bit. With Casanova, you are now a giraffe! You are trotting away in an eastwards direction while a huge procession of giraffes is moving on the opposite side. Each of these giraffes is of different length. Some have shorter necks than others.

What do you have to do in this game? Well, you have to kiss as many giraffes coming your way as you can! To do so, you must click your mouse button and extend your neck to meet the height of the other giraffe so that you can kiss them.

The 70s inspired music playing in the background further makes this game funky yet adorable at the same time. The simple and cute gameplay is bound to make you forget about all your worries.

Verdict: Video Games Help in Giving You A Well-Deserved Break?

Let’s face it. Adulthood is not easy. There are bills you have to pay and worries that you need to address. Sooner or later, your mind is bound to feel overworked and tired. And at such times, video games will be your savior.

The industry might have its flaws. But, nothing can hurt you if you use it in moderation. The same goes for video games. Choose your options wisely. Allocate justifiable time to such leisure activities to recharge your brain while ensuring your productivity!

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