Famous Indie Hit 'Bastion' Is Re-Launched on iOS Devices And It Is Free For A Limited Time

Supergiant Games has just launched its most famous indie game on iOS. Yes, 'Bastion' a famous RPG game released way back in the year 2011 has just been re-released for iOS users. The original mobile version of 'Bastion' was published by Warner Bros. Game, and that license has recently expired.

And it looks like Supergiant Games wanted to publish the game themselves, so did they. They just made some tweaks into the game making it compatible with more devices and have re-launched it.


And believe it or not to celebrate this launch Supergiant Games is giving away the new version of Bastion for Free for a limited time. So make sure you grab yourself this game via Apple Appstore before it's price rise back to 4.99 USD.