Arknights English Version Get’s A New Game Trailer

Yostar Inc. has just released a brand new trailer for Arknights English Version which you can have a look at above.


For the player unaware, Arknights is a Mobile Role-Playing Game (RPG) in which a natural disaster is ranging everywhere, it has been caused by unknown causes. In Arknights as a member of Rhode Island, you will join the public leader of this island Amia, helping the victims, hiring people into high-risk areas after the impact of natural disasters, dealing with disputes and fighting the integration campaign. “Rhode Island” brainstorm, Are you ready?

Arknights English Version Get's A New Game Trailer

Arknights English Version is already available for Pre-Registration for quite some time, interested players can Pre-Register for it via the Offical Website of the game. Talkin of the release date – Developer has not announced a release date yet, but it is expected that the English Version of Arknight will before the end of 2019