RuneScape Mobile Has Been Released On Android

Jagex Games Studio has just released the early access version of RuneScape Mobile, which is now available for all android users across the globe. Since there is no user cap in this Early Acess version, it is a great chance for everyone to enjoy the Full RuneScape MMORPG experience on their mobile devices.

Be amongst the first few players, Download RuneScape Mobile via Google Playstore, and also most importantly they developers have promised that all the Early Acess Players shall be rewarded with Mobile Founder's Pack.


For the players living under the rock, let us tell you RuneScape Mobile is an upcoming mobile client for RuneScape and it will be made available to both android and iOS users for free. RuneScape mobile will also offer full cross-platform play, so that you continue you can continue playing on your desktop or on your smartphone as and when you get time.

Requirements to Play RuneScape Mobile:

  1. To access RuneScape Mobile Early Access, you’ll need RuneScape membership.
  2. A device running Android 6.0 or higher (subject to ongoing performance and compatibility improvements, some devices might not be able to install or update to the latest version).

As of now, the RuneScape Mobile is available on Android as Early Access version and it will be out on iOS in early 2020. iOS User can Pre-Register for RuneScape Mobile via the official website of the game.