Mario Kart Tour 1.0.2 Update Will Be Rolling Out Soon To Fix Known Bugs & Glitches

Hello Mobile Gamers, as you all know Nintendo has recently released its new mobile game 'Mario Kart Tour' which is the first adaption on mobile phones of the Mario Kart Saga. Within the 24 hours of the release, this game got over 20 million downloads. The core gameplay of this game is enjoyable but as it is the first adaption to mobile phones, there are some technical issues in the game. The upcoming 1.0.2 version update aims to fix the known technical issues, some of them have made the game unplayable.


The following issues will be resolved by the 1.0.2 version update of Mario Kart Tour:

  • Information in detailed notifications in News may not be displayed correctly on certain devices running Android 4.4.
  • If the date changes while the player is viewing the screen showing the badge they received for completing a challenge, an error will be displayed and the game will become unplayable.
  • On certain devices, the game may become unplayable when the race-results screen is displayed after the player has changed their control method to Drift.
  • The game may become unplayable if a nickname is not entered when linking a Nintendo Account.
  • The game may become unplayable when players transition to the main screen after the game starts up.
  • Certain players may encounter error code 805-9314 after linking a Nintendo Account and become unable to play the game.
  • The conditions for obtaining Grand Stars shown on the results screen of certain Bonus Challenges are incorrectly listed if the game’s language is set to Simplified Chinese.

There are some other improvements which will be introduced in the game soon:

  • Added a shop button to the main screen.
  • Revamped the shop screen.
  • Changed the color of the pipe button.

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